Andhra Pradesh RERA has extended the time limit for updating the present Quarterly Updates i.e. Q4 of 2020 – 2021 till 31st May.

Date: 1 st April 2021

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic prevailing in the state of Andhra Pradesh AP RERA has decided
to continue Item No: 2 of the Office Order No: A/E-3/2020, Dt: 30-12-2020 as follows:

1. The limit of statutory compliances related to Quarterly updates, for Q4 of 2020 – 2021,
in accordance with RERA Act, 2016 and AP RERA Rules, 2017 is extended till 31 st May
2021. The extended time limit for updating the present Quarterly Updates i.e., Q4 of
2020-2021 is extended till May 31 st 2021.

a. Those promoters who are willing to submit the Quarterly Update can submit the same to the
b. Those promoters, on whom the penalty is imposed in the previous Quarterly Update, can submit
the same by paying the penalty as per the Circular No: P/1082-3/2020 Dt: 18-03-2020

Ref: Office Order: A/E-4/2020, Dt: 01-04-2021

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