Rule 28 - Conditions of service

(1) The conditions of service of the officers and employees of the Authority and any other category of employees in the matter of pay, allowances, leave, joining time, joining time pay, age of superannuation and other conditions of service shall be regulated in accordance with such rules and regulations as are, from time to time, applicable to officers and employees of the State Government and drawing the corresponding scales ofpay

Provided that the provisions of the Karnataka Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1957 shall apply to the officers and employees of the Authority subject to modification specified in the schedule to these rules

(2) Consultants or experts may be engaged by the Authority to facilitate its discharge offunctions

(3) The State Government shall have powers to relax the provisions of any of these rules in respect of any class or category of officers or employees or consultants and experts as the case may be for the reasons recorded inwriting.