Rule 31 - Manner of Selection of Member of the Appellate Tribunal

(1) As and when vacancies of a Member in the Appellate Tribunal exist or arise, or are likely to arise, the Government of Karnataka may make a reference to the Selection Committee in respect of the vacancies to befilled

(2) The Chairperson of the Appellate Tribunal shall be appointed by the State Government under provisions of sub-section (2) of section46

(3) For appointment of Members of the Appellate Tribunal, the State Government shall expeditiously constitute a Selection Committee to select suitable persons for appointment as Members of theTribunal

(4) The Selection Committee shall normally hold its meetings at Bengaluru or at such places, as may be authorised by the Chairman by recording the reasons for the change of the venue of suchmeetings

(5) The Notice or Agenda, as the case maybe, for the meeting of the Selection Committee shall be issued in advance. The date and venue for the meeting shall be fixed with the convenience of the Chairman of the SelectionCommittee

(6) The Selection Committee constituted under sub-rule (3) shall devise its own procedure as it deemed fit including the appointment of a Search Committee andmay lay down guidelines and procedure to invite applications from the eligible persons as per qualification specified under Section 46. The Selection Committee shall prepare a panel of names possessing the requisite qualification and experience those who are suitable for consideration for appointment as Members of the Appellate Tribunal. Secretary, Housing Department is the Convenor of the SelectionCommittee

(7) The Selection Committee shall thereafter make its recommendation to the Government of Karnataka within a period of not exceeding sixty days from the date of reference made by the Government under sub-rule(3) for consideration in the form of a panel of not more than three persons in the order of preference separately for the post of vacancy or vacancies referred by the StateGovernment

(8) The State Government shall within thirty days from the date of the recommendation made by the Selection committee, appoint one out of panel of three persons name for the post of vacancy or vacancies of the Members of the Appellate Tribunal, as the case maybe

The State Government shall nominate the Karnataka Appellate Tribunal as Interim Appellate Tribunal in terms of sub-section (4) of section43