Rule 33 - Appeal and the fees payable

(1) Every appeal filed under sub-section (1) of section 44 shall be accompanied by a fees of five thousand rupees in the form ofa demand draft or a bankers cheque drawn on a scheduled bank or a co-operative bank in favour of the Appellate Tribunal and payable at the branch of that Bank at the station where the seat of the said Appellate Tribunal is situated or through online payment, as the case may be

(2) Every appeal shall be filed in Form ‘ R ’, in triplicate, until the application procedure is made web based, along with the following documents,namely:-

(a) authenticated copy of the order against which the appeal isfiled

(b) copies of the documents relied upon by the appellant and referred to in the appeal, and

(c) an index of thedocuments

(3) Every appeal shall be either filed at the filing counter of the Registry of the Appellate Tribunal or through a registered post or through online system, as applicable

(4) In case of an appeal sent by post under sub-rule (3), it shall be deemed to have been presented to the Appellate Tribunal on the day on which it is received in its office

(5) Where a party to the appeal is represented by an authorised person, as provided under section 56, a copy of the authorisation to act as such and the written consent thereto by such authorised person, both in original, shall be appended to the appeal or the reply to the notice of the appeal, as the case maybe

(6) On the date of hearing or any other date to which hearing could be adjourned, it shall be obligatory on the parties or their agents, as the case may be, to appear before the AppellateTribunal

Provided that where the appellant or his authorised person, as the case may be, fails to appear before the Appellate Tribunal on such days, the Appellate Tribunal may in its discretion either dismiss the appeal for default or decide it on merits and where the opposite party or his authorised person fails to appear on the date of hearing, the Appellate Tribunal may decide the appealex-parte

(7) The procedure for day to day functioning of the Appellate Tribunal, which have not been provided by the Act or the rules made thereunder, shall be as specified by the AppellateTribunal